Kyle Blake is making a name for himself on the local lanes. A senior at Honesdale High School, Blake is the anchor man for a talented Wallenpaupack Bowling Center squad that recently competed in Scranton.

Consistency is a huge part of the sport of bowling.

Although the sport has grown leaps and bounds since the days of Dick Weber and Earl Anthony, the aspect of consistency is still vital to maintaining a solid average in the sport.

Local Lad
Honesdale’s Kyle Blake, a high school senior, has grown tremendously as a bowler and a competitor.

Although Blake has never shot a perfect game, he has run the front nine strikes in well over half a dozen games.

Two weeks ago at South Side Bowl in Scranton, Kyle once again strung nine strikes together. This time however, Blake was not the high man on the pair.

Kyle, bowling anchor for Wallenpaupack Bowling Center, ground through the first two games struggling to break the 220 mark either match.

In the third game, the alleys opened up just enough to give Blake room to hold pocket and with the help of South Side’s lighter-spectrum pins, Kyle’s carry was nearly unbeatable.

However, Southside’s Mike Bienecki, bowling anchor also on the same pair of lanes the Blake was rolling on, through his first perfect game of his bowling career.

The talented young righthander will be off to Wichita State University next year. Blake, came up short and shot a 280 game.

The following week, this time back at Wallenpaupack during his weekly league, Kyle once again proved his consistency by once again stringing the first nine strikes. On the 10th shot, Blake tugged the ball at the bottom and got it left immediately off his hand.

Because of the near eight games of carry down between junior, pee-wee and now senior league shifts, the inner lane had broken down just enough to cause the ball to sneak high.

Blake left a 7-pin. He let his frustration show a bit with a grunt and a foot-stomp on the approach.

The Mental Game
Blake is not only Wallenpaupack Bowling Center’s most consistent junior bowlers, he is also one of the more mellow juniors.

Despite his supply of frustrating accounts of failed perfect games, he still repeats shots and does not beat himself.

While he, like any other amateur bowler, does not always make the right decisions or adjust the quickest, Blake rarely beats himself — a testament to his skill and maturity levels.

Final Word
Next season, Blake intends to go on to the adult leagues...possibly bowling in Scranton...closer to where he plans to attend college at Keystone College.