The following reports were filed by the Honesdale Police Department:

• Honesdale Police responded to a disturbance near 1875 Elm Place around 9 p.m. on Friday, May 7.
William R. Lee, 26, of Honesdale, had been involved in an argument with his girlfriend. The victim pulled over to let Lee out of the car, when Lee pulled the victim’s hair and struck her on the nose.
Lee fled the scene before police arrived. He was charged with a summary count of harassment at the office of District Magistrate Ted Mikulak.

• Honesdale Police received several calls as to the identity of the driver of a hit and run on Riverside Drive that occurred on May 6.
Robert Schenk, 29, of Honesdale, was found to be the driver of the 2000 Ford Explorer that hit a stone wall. Schenk was cited for causing damage to unattended property.

• Honesdale Police responded to a disturbance at 101 Park Street around 9 p.m. on Friday, May 7. It was discovered that a verbal dispute had occurred and the victim asked her male companion to leave.
Darrell Seng, 27, of Honesdale, punched the window of the front door, causing the glass to break. Charges of criminal mischief are pending against Seng.

• A Honesdale resident reported losing a Nikon camera on the evening of May 7 near the playground in Central Park. If anyone has found the camera, please call the Honesdale Police Department at (570) 253-1900.