Levi F. Travis II has been red-hot recently in league action at the Wallenpaupack Bowling Center. The 54-year-old Paupack grad erupted for a 791 series this past week while competing in the Penn-York League.

Over the course of the past month or so, one bowler who usually flies under the radar has caused Paupack Lanes to become hot enough to issue a heat advisory.

Levi Travis II has been bowling for more than four decades. A native of Wayne County, Travis has frequented the Wallenpaupack Bowling Center since 1968 when he was a young lad enrolled in the junior program which has opened the doors to thousands of youth bowlers over the years.

While the location was different, as the center was then located where the Hawley CVS now stands, Travis’ passion for the sport was very much the same.

“My first year in junior leagues I averaged in the 120s. By the time I was done, I was averaging in the 170s,” recalled Travis.

Travis’ passion for the sport of bowling is equivocal to his passion for his country, as his more than 16 years of service in the United States Army demonstrates. A staff-sergeant, Travis still had time overseas to devote to his sport of passion — bowling.

During Travis’ two tours of duty in Germany — one in Ansbach, the other in Grafenwoehr — Travis continued his bowling career.

While serving America, Travis was a house champion in Germany amid 600 other bowlers — a feat Levi has deemed his proudest bowling memory while in the military.

Last Monday however, Levi put together another grit-filled performance when he came within nine pins of breaking the 800 series barrier.

“Last Monday night’s series was my most memorable experience on the lanes because it was my highest series ever,” said Travis who fired a 791 series this past Monday evening during Penn York League action.

Travis’ series encompassed a 288 game which has been both blessing and haunting him this past month. While a game in excess of 250 is nothing to sneeze at, a 280 game required 10 consecutive strikes to be thrown which is painstakingly close to the twelve required for perfection.

Travis has yet to roll a perfect game.

This does not bother him though, for as he jokingly puts it: “One day I’ll make the mistake and get it.”

Travis bowls for The Dime Bank on Monday nights and it is no coincidence that his team now sits in first place. Travis’ near 250 average over the past month is largely responsible for this result.

Levi has been rolling an Ebonite Evolve which was suggested, laid out and drilled by Michael Markis, the General Manager of Strike It Rich Pro Shop located inside the entrance of Wallenpaupack Lanes.

Youth Leaders
This Sunday morning, Wallenpaupack Bowling Center will host for the third and final time this season, the Anthracite Valley USBC Youth Leader Program.

While this program is still strong, it can always be stronger. Youth bowling in the local area is on the decadency, due in part to lack of interest and lack of understanding of the sport.

If your child is interested in bowling but unsure of whether or not it is for them, swing by the local lanes, have breakfast and watch as young bowlers of all abilities, age groups and backgrounds roll at 15 Bowling Center Lane.

Doors Open at 9 AM so stop by and feel free to ask questions.