For Michele Schuchman, life is but a special dance where we are all in it together, unconditionally.

For Michele Schuchman, life is but a special dance where we are all in it together, unconditionally.
“But fortunately our world is conditional,” said Schuchman, a Damascus Township resident that speaks with an exuberant flair ... yet with it comes a mission.
The mission is partly defined by her nickname around town, “Grandma Michele,” connoting in its best sense one who loves limitlessly; and that is indeed the case in this particular circumstance.
Schuchman, 62, recently formed a not-for-profit that seeks to give a place of solace for those who served in the U.S. armed forces, particularly women who may have perhaps seen the perils of war or perhaps had to leave family and their children on the long call of duty.
And on the eve of December 18, she will hold a kickoff celebration and candlelight vigil at her residence on Steiner Road for this cause.
Her home will also serve as the “transition retreat” for veterans, a place where they can gather, share stories, and have in a sense a Thanksgiving everyday for one another.
“The core mission is healing the wounds of post-traumatic stress, first of women,” said Schuchman, the former owner of Michele’s Restaurant in Callicoon, adding that in no way is this “professional” therapy but rather a retreat to air scars formed through difficult times together.
“We’re here because they’re giving their lives, they’re giving up their families,” she said of her motivation to form the not-for-profit which is named “All About My Time Now.”
She hopes the kickoff will get the word out about the cause and hopefully generate some funds to get the ball rolling.
“It’s being aware of the miracles that are in your path everyday. It’s the connection with the human being that is next to you,” she said, “for all ages, all colors, all religions to share.
“On December 18, I'd like everyone to climb their tallest hill, with a candle, and make a prayer for one's own inner peace for serenity. Then all humanity will lay down their arms of war and will begin having world peace."
Michele can be reached at (570) 224-6544, or on the web at