We’ve all heard that line so many times. The variations are numerous; Would it kill you...? It might kill you...? You act like it would kill you...?

 We’ve all heard that line so many times. The variations are numerous; Would it kill you...? It might kill you...? You act like it would kill you...?
 What it usually means is, someone wants you to do something you’d just as soon, Not Do!
 Taste this food; stop doing something (picking on your little sister); quit using that same word (over and over); be polite to aunt Martha (finally); act like you care (when you don’t); let her (him, or me!) have the last word (just this once!).
 No doubt you’ve heard it in lots more ways during your childhood (or marriage?).
 I’m bettin’ most of the time you groaned an’ ignored it.
 It’s one of those timeworn exhortations we become immune to? Heard it from “adults” from the time we’re big enough to know better (some young folks hear it more than others).
 Moms really were (are) the best at using it. They’ve certainly got the most reasons, don’t they? She’s the one who gets stuck doing most of the “raisin’” of children. She had you.
 Even in this disjointed world, where many from my generation would swear no ones’ doin’ any actual “raising” of children. Someone’s certainly been feedin’ ‘em! They grow big enough to venture out into the world (and annoy us). But raising ‘em? I often question if anyone’s doing any actual raising?
 I believe Moms can recall every rejoinder ever spoken by their mother (or grandmother!). It’s what (good) Moms do, tryin’ to get you to do (or not) something! Good Moms just have a knack for artifice in these situations. Spouting things on a moments notice, as the situation calls for it. Bringin’ one up short, sometimes (momentarily) changing a recalcitrant childs (or husbands) behavior!
 There are times when we adults need to hear it. Times when we’d be better off if we not only heard, but took it to heart and heed it!
 Happens I heard it on the radio the other day. I don’t recall who, but there was a woman being interviewed on a local radio station. The discussion concerned traffic on the new “One Way” streets in our little town.
 “It won’t kill you...” she said. At that moment I happened to be cruising up one of those one way streets, so I lent a closer ear.
 Seems mostly good things were being noted since the change in traffic patterns took place a few weeks ago. However, the lady was concerned about one aspect of the new traffic flow patterns.
 Traffic is flowing way too fast!
 Near misses (some more than near) are an almost daily occurrence. One of the prime reasons is people driving beyond the posted, 25 mph limits (don’t they always). Her remonstrance was clear when she stated (with feeling);
 “It won’t kill you, to drive 25 miles per hour, for eight blocks!!”
 How right she was! I agreed with her whole heartedly! This coming from a guy who’s done his share of exceeding the speed limits (only as a much younger feller, mind ya!). Once rounding dead mans curve in full four-wheel drift at 85 mph. One late night (also many years ago) I drove that same speed right down Main Street! Times were much different back then kids (meaning: I did’t get caught Or run down any pedestrians!).
 But today? We really do need to hold down the speed on those newly minted one way streets! Oh sure, if you exceed the 25mph limit and have minor accident, ‘bout all it’s gonna do at those speeds is bend your fender. You won’t get killed.
 You know where the Real Danger  lurks?
 Under, beside (or on) your vehicle..., when you hit a pedestrian! That person Will be hurt! Might be any one of us, including you! (even worse, me!).
 Our little town has always been extremely considerate in letting people cross the street (or cars enter traffic flow, for that matter). It’s been that way for so long, local folks merely take it for granted. They step into a cross walk (or from between two parked cars!) and expect the very next car..., will stop and let ‘em cross. We’re polite.
 But! With two lanes now zippin’ past (Over 25 mph!). One Can Not  depend on that second lane  of cars stopping (even seeing) a pedestrians crossing!!
 I’m just one guy, but I drive in town near everyday. I’ve already seen (at least) a half-dozen close calls (and I do mean close!) by drivers in that second lane!
 I Don’t Know About You..., If you’re a pedestrian? “It just might kill ya...!
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