Sam Burcher & Tim Breitweiser Jr. are bona fide rising stars on the local bowling scene. Both lads are active in leagues at the Wallenpaupack Bowling Center and each qualified for a berth in the Pepsi State Championships.

Over the past couple of years, Wallenpaupack Bowling Center has served as a breeding ground for some of the area’s top youth prospects.

Leading the charge are two young men who in recent months accomplished a feat which many of their compatriots could only wish for: qualifying for the state-level Pepsi Championships tournament.

State Finalist
Honesdale’s Sam Burcher has made a name for himself over the past year.

At only 11 years of age, Burcher has bowled games in excess of 250 and this year, in only his third season of bowling, successfully qualified out of the district championships into the state finals —his most monumental feat as a bowler.

While some might expect Burcher to be, as a result of his early accomplishments, cocky or outspoken, in actuality Sam is quite a bashful, yet courteous young fellow — as his interview with TWI Sports proved.

When asked how it felt to advance to the state finals, the young prodigy replied “It felt good.” Simultaneously, an involuntary grin appeared in the corners of his mouth.

Sam was presented with a rare opportunity this year when he and his family traveled to Brunswick Zone-Carolier earlier this year and participated in the Pro-Am event which preceded the tournament.

Here, he bowled with some of the game’s greats, including the defending champion, Norm Duke — a bowler whose style Burcher very much imitates.

Looking Ahead
Another up and coming prospect is Greentown’s own Tim Breitweiser, Jr.

Breitweiser joined Tim at the Pepsi State Championship tournament in Butler. Burcher would go on to place 111th in his division while Breitweiser placed 42nd in his 12 and over boys’ handicap division — missing the cut to the second day by a single pin.

In his interview, Breitweiser said “My goal for next year is to make it to the second day.”

Both young men are continuing their bowling this summer. Burcher is a participant of both the Tuesday Adult-Youth League while Breitweiser competes solely in the Adult-Youth League.

While not bowling in competition, both young men can be seen practicing profusely on a side-alley during the adult leagues or on a late-Saturday afternoon.

Both young men are frequently seen sporting baseball caps: Burcher’s with the Texas Longhorns logo on it; Breitweiser, the New York Mets’ symbol.

Scholarship League
The Brian Hafler Memorial Scholarship League began this past Wednesday evening in stellar fashion.

The league plays host to more than 14 doubles teams — with a maximum potential of 24 teams.
Businesses as well as citizens of Wayne County are encouraged to continue don-ating to the cause.

Friday Doubles League
Due to a disappointing turnout, the league previously named the Summer Petersen League has now become a doubles league — bowling three games each week, the same as a standard league.

At present, there are eight teams which in the league.

All-Time Record
From the TWI Sports archive (Nov 25, 2007):

Gary Eisenhauer inscribed his name permanently into the Wallenpaupack Bowling Center history books on the night of October 18th, 2007.

The 47-year-old righty shattered the all-time house record, rolling consecutive games of 269, 300 and 300. That adds up to a staggering 869 series and a mark that may never be challenged.

“I've wanted that house record for a long time now,” Gary said. “I came close a couple of times, but this time I was in the zone. I never bowled that well in my life. It was a lot of fun.”
Gary is the son of Carl & Ann Eisenhauer.