Western Wayne School District will send out a familiar property tax bill this year.

Western Wayne School District will send out a familiar property tax bill this year.
Citing the discomfort residents may have because of the state of the U.S. economy, the board decided at its public meeting on Wednesday to hold the line on school property taxes.
“If we’re going to do something for the community, this is the time to do it,” said district superintendent Andrew Falonk in a phone interview with the Wayne Independent. “The board felt that we had enough money in our fund to keep us at a safe level.”
At the current property tax rate, a homeowner with an assessed property value of $100,000 will pay $1,384.
“The board directed us to set this year’s budget at no increase” in property taxes, Falonk said.
Additionally, an estimated $200 will be subtracted from the bill by way of the state’s property tax relief fund, which collects revenue from Pa. slots casinos.
The board has deliberated next year’s district budget at two public meetings in April.
“There’s a lot of people struggling out there now,” said board vice president Donald McDonough at an April meeting. “The majority of people are looking for relief.”
An official vote will occur at the board’s June meeting.
By keeping property taxes as is, the district anticipates collecting $35,278,907 from local, state, and federal sources.
This, however, leaves the district with a $1.26 million deficit, after accounting for increased expenses.
Instead of hiking property taxes to cover to shortfall, the district will use part of a $3.9 million savings account, said Falonk.
The district is also allowed to use $187,410 of federal stimulus funds, of a total of more than $1 million it received, to plug the budget, per federal and state regulations.

( School Property Tax Equation: Assessed Value ($100,000) / 1,000 = 100 ; then, 100 X 13.846 (property tax rate) = $1,384 )