Here's the lucky winners...

A Christmas raffle was held by the Waymart Fire Company last December, 2008, and the lucky winners, the prizes they won, and the generous sponsors who donated them were: Bill Terrel, $500 Cash, Waymart Fire Company; John T. Osborne, $250 Bond, John Gif ford Paving; Betty Lubinski, $200 Bond, Keen Lake Campground; Martha Bellas, $200 Bond, Waymart Hotel; Keil Owens, $200 Bond, Waymart Hotel 2; Andrew Cavage, $200 Bond, Wrangler's BBQ Pit; Val Cavage, $100 Bond, Wayco Inc.; Jim Romance, $100 Bond, Wayco Inc.; Minnie Gillette, $100 Cash, Loveshaw Corp.;
Robert Keast, $100 Cash, South Canaan Telephone Co.; Jesse Lamberton, $100 Cash, Varcoe Insurance Agency; Mary Muta, $100 Cash, NEP Telephone Co.; Fran Cirelly, $25 Gift Certificate, Gibney's Restaurant; Joan Karnick, $25 Gift Certificate, Gibney's Restaurant; Thomas White, $25 Gift Certificate, Gibney's Restaurant; Doris Howell, $25 Gift Certificate, Gibney's Restaurant;
Marguerite Smith, $50 Cash, Compact Excavating Inc.; Stanley Frey, $50 Cash, Compact Excavating Inc.; Robert Keast, $50 Cash, O'Connell's Junk Yard; Frank Adams, $50 Cash, O'Connell's Junk Yard; Tyier Jordan, $50 Gift Certificate, Ray's Shur Save; Elwood Moyle, $50 Gift Certificate, Ray's Shur Save; Ressegue, $25 Cash, Grimm Construction; Bessie Byrnes, $25 Cash, Grimm Construction; Dorothy Neuhaus, $25 Cash, Grimm Construction; Kim Hodorawis, $25 Cash, Grimm Construction; Tim Parley, $25 Cash, Fox's Auto Body; John Miklochik, $25 Cash, Fox's Auto Body;
Jim Romance, $25 Cash, Fox's Auto Body; Frank Kovaleski, $25 Cash, Fox's Auto Body; Adrianne Filkovsky, A Coat, American Environmental Outfitters; John Dunning, $20 Gift Certificate, Bridgers Fitness & Physique; Rhoda Curtis, $20 Gift Certificate, Bridgers Fitness & Physique; Marilyn Ryan, $20 Gift Certificate, Bridgers Fitness & Physique; Amy Mistishin, $20 Gift Certificate, Bridgers Fitness & Physique; Michael Sukiennik, $20 Gift Certificate, Bridgers Fitness & Physique; Chip Norella, 1 Hr. Massage Certificate, Little Relaxations; David Roche, $20 Gift Certificate, Gravity Inn; Michele Neary, $20 Gift Certificate, Gravity Inn; Doreen Mahan, $20 Gift Certificate, Gravity Inn; Julie Satre, Oil Change, R B Fries Inc.; Kathy Dustin, Oil Change, R B Fries Inc. I will continue the rest of the winners in next weeks column I
Thought for this week! Laughter is like changing a baby's diaper—it doesn't permanently solve any problems, but it makes things more acceptable for a while.
The Waymart Ambulance Corp will hold their monthly meeting on Monday, February 16th, 7 p.m., at their garage.
Handy hints: Soap useagel
To make your soap last longer, remove it from the wrapper and put the unwrapped bar away in your linen closet or drawers. Not only will this allow the soap to harden, and will last considerably longer, but it will also add a pleasant fragrance to the area.
To make liquid soap, take all your small pieces of leftover soap and put them into your blender with a little water. Blend on the lowest speed until the desired consistency is reached and then pour it into your liquid-soap dispenser. Not only will you have an inexpensive substitute, but your blender will get a good scrubbing!
Happy Birthday on February 19th to Frances B. Romich, Barbara Piotrowski, Nicole Frutchey, Matthew Janze, Casey Ferranti, and Danielle Warnock.
Feb. 20th: Nicole Waters, Rebekah Lewis, Michael Boguski, Marissa Aston, Mark Collins, and Sheryl Jordan.
Feb. 21st: Billie Jo Shemanski, Michael Ward, Michael J. Arnold, Joey Pozza, Kay Burney, John Shandor, and Melissa Hope Witt.
Feb. 22nd: Michael Zampacota, Patricia Olver, Carolyn Gillow, Cathy Gillette, Casey Boguski, Patrick Herney, Bob Davis, Joanne Wiley, Nancy Getz, Patty Hoefling, and Sharyn Knecht.
Feb. 23rd: Kristin Walker, Jason Derk, Mabel Eitz, Randy Enslin, Mark Lopatofsky, David Spewak Jr., and Travis Stevens.
Feb. 24th: Timmy Carson, Kierston Durst, Kathryn Fields, Carl Heebner, Franklin Johnson Jr., Carlie Louise Wargo, Garret Podunajec, and Tom Tracy.
Feb. 25th: Charles C. Shifler, Frank Yakupein, Cliff Lee, Judy Shaffer, Carol Hunt, Thomas Sutor, Susan Robbins, Ashley Burgess, Anessa Burgess, Kathy Millard, Dan Williams Jr., Allison Knappenbeger, Kevin Enslin, and Autumn Fahnestock.
Happy birthday to you all!
This week’s joke:
A passenger on a cruise ship spotted a bearded man on a small island, shouting and desperately waving his hands. The passenger sought out the captain and asked: "Who is that man?"
"I don't know," said the captain, "but every year when wepass, he does that."
Keep smiling!
The Waymart Lions Club will hold their monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 17th.
This week’s question:
In what year did motor vehicle registrations in the United States pass the million mark?
Answer: In 1913, when there were 1,258,070 vehicles registered -1,190,393 of them passenger cars; 67,677 of them trucks and buses.
Sincere sympathy is extended to the family of Rachel Simmons, Waymart, who died on Thursday, February 5th.
The Western Wayne Booster Club will hold their monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 18th, 7 p.m., in the Western Wayne High School cafeteria.
How did a cat take first prize at the bird show? -By reaching into the cage.
Have a nice week and also a "Happy Valentine's Day" this Saturday, February 14th.