The DeGori boys are making a difference for our soldiers over seas.

The DeGori boys are making a difference for our soldiers over seas.
So far, 11-year-old Nicholas and his 8-year-old brother Anthony, of Damascus, have boxed up 22 care packages, worth about $900, says their mom, Vanessa DeGori.
Vanessa and husband Rocco are proud of their boys and the community that’s backing their efforts. “Whenever we do something in Milanville, they come through—always,” Vanessa said of the community.
They’ve boxed up snacks, hygiene items, magazines, movies and more —things to let the soldiers know how much people care. And though they’ve already sent quite a few boxes, they’re nowhere near finished. They want to help as many servicemen and women as they can through the “Any Soldier”campaign. Started by the family of Sergeant Brian Horn of Maryland, who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, the program aims to ensure every soldier receives something from home.
     Inspired to do more
Three weeks ago, the DeGori family started selling Gertrude Hawk candy bars to raise money for the cause. Vanessa had some misgivings when she learned they had to order a minimum 15 cases or $720 worth of candy bars. Would they be able to sell that many candy bars? “In two weeks, we sold them all,” Vanessa said. “And then I was thinking, ‘Let’s do it again. Why not?’” So they’ve ordered another 15 cases.
Vanessa says they came across a magazine article recently, featuring an 11-year-old girl who’s raised over $300,000 for the program. “She started like we did,” Vanessa said. Her family is more inspired than ever to continue their efforts.
“My brother is in the Air Force,” she said, of her military ties. Career military, Pete Christ is stationed in Germany with his wife. Having served our Country for 15 years, he’s due to become an officer next year. Vanessa says they couldn’t be prouder. Guess what he says? He couldn’t be more proud of them.
Note: The “candy bars for a cause” are being sold at the DeGori’s store, Milanville General Store on River Road in Milanville.