Every now and then a charismatic figure emerges to capture the imagination.

To the Editor:
Every now and then a charismatic figure emerges to capture the imagination. Abraham Lincoln was just a soft-spoken, God-fearing man endowed with a fine moral compass and a built in desire to make a difference through public office. I would have relished listening live to the Lincoln/Douglas debates and the passions behind their words.
Nobody had a crystal ball clear enough to anticipate that the unpretentious Republican presidential candidate would eventually compose one of the most inspired, meaningful, and eloquently rendered literary works ever presented -the Gettysburg Address. Oh, to have heard this historic oration given by Lincoln himself. There was no one alive at that time who could have imagined a day would come when blacks would be able to come and go as they chose, much less run for the highest office in the land. Lincoln was exactly the right man at the right time to "bind up the nation's wounds."
We're still hurting. America needs a spirit lifter. Our country has been (mis)led by a herd of political dinosaurs. We need to replace such prime candidates for extinction with brand new life forms. Let's inject some youthful energy, unbounded optimism and a willingness to try new approaches in dealing with the myriad problems that afflict the human condition.
The "experience" card is much overplayed. It is precisely the vast existing governmental experience of recent years that has derailed this country into demonstrating on a global scale the fine art of  how to lose old friends and win new enemies ...while breaking the bank besides! Sure, experience is crucial ...if your line of work happens to be open-heart surgery or performing frontal lobotomies. At this time and place in history no candidate is more right and more appropriate for your vote than Barack Obama.
Joe Funke, Lake Como, Pa.