You are precious in the sight of God. He has created you, and you are greatly loved by Him. He wants only good for your life.

You are precious in the sight of God. He has created you, and you are greatly loved by Him. He wants only good for your life.
Some of you might not realize this yet. Circumstances in your life have told you differently. Adults who were supposed to love and protect you didn't. The abuse spoke louder than words. You aren't worth loving or protecting.
Now here you are, all these years later, still believing that lie and living your life accordingly. Your choices have all echoed the lie, “You're not worth loving or protecting.” Past and current relationships prove it. You're still the victim, still taking whatever those who are supposed to love you are dishing out to you.
You look around at others who seem happy and loved, and you wonder why. What makes them so special and so deserving of love, protection and happiness? What did I ever do to receive this fate? But it must be so, because nothing ever changes. You have no hope of ever being free from this prison of anguish. Nothing you try ever works.
When the pain and torment become unbearable, you are willing to try anything for a little relief. Even if it only lasts an hour, a night, a day - a little relief to dull the pain and turn off the memories is all you ask. But then a little relief is not enough, and now addiction is born.
But the drugs, the alcohol, the pills never last long enough. They wear off, and the lie hits you in the face again. You're not worth loving or protecting. You can't get away from it. It echoes from the core of your very being.
All hope is lost. You've believed the lie for so long that it's won. You are worthless and you deserve whatever pain comes your way. What's the point in even living out the rest of this worthless life?
The only way you can ever get beyond this lie is to hear and believe the truth. The truth is, you are so loved by God and worth so much to Him that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for you that you might receive new life and eternal life in Him.
God cannot change your past that left you wounded and broken, but He can change your future. He offers to you truth, love, healing, restoration and new life. Can you find the courage and strength to walk away from the lie that has controlled your life, and accept the truth of God's love offered to you through Jesus Christ? If you take one step towards Him, He will meet you there and show you the way.

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