“There is life after breast cancer,” says Carol Spitzer of Clinton Township.

 “I’ve had breast cancer twice,” she says.

“There is life after breast cancer,” says Carol Spitzer of Clinton Township.
 “I’ve had breast cancer twice,” she says. It was the “wonderful care and understanding” that she received through the American Cancer Society that moved her to volunteer with the organization for the past 16 years.

A visit by Marge Papp, who ran the Reach to Recovery Program then, made such a difference. “She herself is a breast cancer survivor,” Carol says of a woman she looks up to. “She’s my mentor ...When Marge retired, she asked me [to become Coordinator],” Carol said. Carol said Marge was an 18-year volunteer with the American Cancer Society.

“It’s been my life’s quest to council and guide breast cancer women.” Carol says she’s met with over 500 women diagnosed with breast cancer over the years. “I think the biggest hurdle to go over when you have breast cancer is to accept the fact that you have it.

“Accept the challenge of breast cancer. Trust in your doctors that they’re giving you the best possible medical care,” she said. Carol says the American Cancer Society is there for anyone in need and encourages people to reach out. “It’s comforting to sit down with someone who has come the full circle with breast cancer and become the person they once were. And it’s true. The bottom line is, we make it!” Carol says. 
Carol says the American Cancer Society is there for all types of cancer, but breast cancer has been one of the most dominant in this area. She stresses routine self-breast exams and early detection.

New office 
An Open House for the American Cancer Society’s new office in Honesdale, at 100 4th Street, is being held in September.
The new office, called the “Wayne and Pike American Cancer Society Office,” will be open daily, where in past it has not been.
Carol says the facilities will be available for conferences, wigs, for “Look Good and Feel Better Classes” and more. “We will meet all needs of a cancer patient,” she said, with all services free through the American Cancer Society.
For more details, contact the American Society, headquartered in Jessup at 383-4703 or toll free at 888-227-5445.

Relay for Life of Honesdale
The Relay for Life of Honesdale takes place this weekend, kicking off Saturday at 10 a.m. to Sunday, 7 a.m. at the Honesdale High School Track field. Saturday’s events include a yard sale from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., raffles, a motorcycle stunt team “Close Encounters” at 2 p.m., with fireworks scheduled for 9:30 p.m.

Tonyehn Verkitus, Community and Income Development Specialist with the American Red Cross, says their goal is to raise $43 thousand. Last year, they raised $32 thousand. Carol says the money raised at the Relay for Life will stay in Wayne County.

   Carol and husband Art Spitzer are married 38 years and have two children: Jennifer Aquino and David Deissler, and three grandchildren.

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