A conditional use hearing for the proposed 80-room hotel project near Home Depot is scheduled for May 5, 7 p.m. at the Texas Township Municipal Building.

A conditional use hearing for the proposed 80-room hotel project near Home Depot is scheduled for May 5, 7 p.m. at the Texas Township Municipal Building.
At Monday night’s meeting, the Texas Township supervisors received a seven-page review from the Wayne County Department of Planning concerning the Route 6 Development LLC’s major subdivision application. The Department of Planning has said a second access road is needed for the property. Senior Planner Christopher Barrett says it’s a matter of public safety and would alleviate traffic congestion, “both existing and in the future as development continues to expand.” That’s the same thing they said when the subdivision plan was originally submitted as a minor subdivision back in January.
Calls placed to Bob Suhosky, spokesman for the Route 6 Development LLC and Texas Township Planning Commission Chairman Bill Hansen were not returned by press time.
Barrett says the project’s current plan shows, “one big cul-de-sac with a couple of different spurs. They all kind of collect and funnel out to one point of access — a bad situation if someone needs medical attention,” he said. Barrett says rescue personnel wouldn’t be able to get up into the development for a medical call if an accident was blocking the only access. “The manner in which development has occurred has practically eliminated the amount of road frontage available for future development with respect to the remaining lands of the developer. Therefore, since an additional access to this development has not been proposed by the current subdivision plan, the current application takes another step closer to exhausting all future potential options for access,” he said.
In past, the developer has talked about a emergency access through an adjacent trailer park, Quiet Acres. Barrett says the emergency access is only shown on the subdivision plan as a 30-foot wide easement. “The plan did not propose the installation and improvement of an actual road. It only proposed a 30-foot wide easement. An easement is essentially useless if the access itself is not functional. The plan, therefore, needs to demonstrate the standards to which the proposed road will be built or improved. In regard to the width of the proposed access, we recommended the width be increased to 50 feet. This would provide the future lot owners with an option should they wish to improve the emergency access to the standards of a minor street in the future, since the 30 (foot) width is currently substandard with respect to Texas Township regulations.
“The grade and narrowness of the emergency access does not provide an efficient means of emergency access to the development in its present condition. In addition, it does nothing to alleviate the congestive traffic conditions since it will not be available for use as a full time access. The proposal of a substandard emergency access does not propose a solution to the traffic congestion and safety issues that are associated with this development.”